39 Years as an Attorney

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This blog is for people who are thinking that they might have to file bankruptcy. I have been helping people work through their financial problems for so many years that I know the concerns that come up again and again. I want to provide practical information that you can use right now in helping decide how to take on these complicated issues.

39 Years as an Attorney

By Stephen Behrends, Jan 6 2018 08:39PM

January 2, 2018 was the 39th anniversary of my swearing-in as an attorney. I was admitted to the California State Bar in1979. However, I never practiced in California. Instead, I became a member of the Oregon State Bar on April 29, 1979 and have practiced here in Eugene ever since.

I filed my first bankruptcy case in 1980, a Chapter 7, but I didn’t really start to do bankruptcy law as a significant part of my practice until after I received my Master of Laws in Taxation on May 22, 1983. I began working almost right away on tax collection cases and since bankruptcy often was one of the options that had to be considered, I started doing more and more of that work, too.

I have found these to be very satisfying areas of law because my services area affordable and there is no doubt that I really help people out. I have seen wage earners who were being garnished and left unable to support themselves rebuild their credit and buy homes, send their kids to college and save for retirement. I have had senior citizens file bankruptcy to stop the phone calls and lawsuits and enjoy a normal financial existence. I have helped business owners save their businesses and homeowners stop foreclosures on their homes. I had people who owed more in taxes than they could every possibly pay get settlements approved that meant they had no tax debts at all.

I look forward to 2018 as another year of helping my clients and enjoying my job. If you have questions about taxes you owe or about your options for dealing with debts that are out of control, I would be happy to help you, too.

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