Can you go to jail for unpaid medical bills or credit cards?

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Can you go to jail for unpaid medical bills or credit cards?

By Stephen Behrends, Feb 21 2020 03:52AM

The answer is technically no, but if you don't go to Court when you are served with a notice of a Judgment Debtor's Exam, an arrest warrant will probably be issued.

Most people know that you can't be put in jail because you can't afford to pay medical bills, credit cards or other debts. But not very many people know that they could end up in jail if they don't cooperate in the debt collection process.

When you are sued and personally served with a summons and complaint for a medical bill or other debt and you don't respond, which is usually the case, all that happens is that the creditor gets a judgment against you.

But after the judgment is entered, the creditor has the right to set up a judgment debtor's exam and get an Order requiring you to appear in Court and answer questions about your income and assets. If you are personally served with the Order, just like you were with the lawsuit itself, and you don't respond, just like you didn't respond when you were served with the lawsuit, you can be held in contempt of court and an arrest warrant may be issued.

So if you are served with an Order to appear in Court, don't ignore it because you could end up in jail over an unpaid medical or other bill.

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