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This blog is for people who are thinking that they might have to file bankruptcy. I have been helping people work through their financial problems for so many years that I know the concerns that come up again and again. I want to provide practical information that you can use right now in helping decide how to take on these complicated issues.

New Web Page Coming Soon

By Stephen Behrends, Jun 27 2020 08:28PM

I am working on a new, updated web page. I expect that it will be uploaded by the end of July, 2020.

Of course, I will still offer free, one-hour bankruptcy consultations and will still do the complicated bankruptcy paperwork with my clients. If you are wondering why you should pay a bankruptcy attorney so much when you have to fill out the bankruptcy paperwork yourself, call to set up an appointment. My goal is to reduce your stress level and sending you home with 40 pages of questions including lots of legal terms is not going to help accomplish that goal. We'll do the paperwork together over the phone.

I will also continue to offer reduced fee tax settlement appointments. My usual hourly rate is $295.00 but for $250.00 for an hour long appointment, I will review your situation with you and let you know if you have a chance of qualifying for an offer in compromise that could save you a lot of money and get your problems with the IRS and the Oregon Department of Revenue under control. National tax settlement companies charge thousands to give you the same information.

Watch for the new web page in late July!

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