Office Changes for Corona Virus Response.

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Office Changes for Corona Virus Response.

By Stephen Behrends, Mar 13 2020 06:44PM

In response to the current Corona Virus situation, we are making changes to our office staffing and procedures. We now are doing as many phone appointments as possible! We also are making staff rotations and having people work from home to do document preparation, responding to emails and filing Court documents on their online systems .

There is a new emergency phone number if you need to drop off or sign documents when the office is closed. It is 541-214-7771. We are still available by phone at 541-344-7472 and you can leave a message if you call when no one is in the office. We are also available by email at our usual email addresses or at

We are making these changes to try to keep our clients and our staff healthy and safe. We're still here for you! We are working hard for our clients and are taking new clients everyday!

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