Will your attorney be there if you have to go to Court?

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This blog is for people who are thinking that they might have to file bankruptcy. I have been helping people work through their financial problems for so many years that I know the concerns that come up again and again. I want to provide practical information that you can use right now in helping decide how to take on these complicated issues.

Will your attorney be there if you have to go to Court?

By Stephen Behrends, Sep 21 2017 02:55AM

Thursday, September 6, 2017 when I was in Bankruptcy Court in Eugene, Oregon, there were fifteen cases set for Reaffirmation Hearings. I was there representing my clients in five of the hearings and my law partner Kimberly S Covington was there for her clients in another one. Six other attorneys were representing the people in the other nine cases. But, of those six attorneys, can you guess how many were in Court that day or were participating by phone conference call?

The shocking answer is just one! That’s right, the people who had to file bankruptcy in eight of those cases ended up in Court completely by themselves. No doubt they had each paid hundreds of dollars to the attorney who filed their case.

Did it matter that the lawyers weren’t there? Some of the clients were confused and others didn’t know what to do or say. Still others were told by the judge that they should insist that their attorney help them straighten out the problems they were having. One woman told the judge that her attorney wouldn’t respond to her emails. One said that she couldn’t meet with here lawyer because the firm had offices in multiple cities and she always had to work on the days they were in her town.

So, yes, it is certainly possible, depending on which attorney or law firm you hire, that your attorney might not be there when you have to go to Court. But you don’t have to worry if you hire me or one of the other attorneys at my firm:

Judson Carusone http://www.judsoncarusonelaw.com/

or Kim Covington http://www.kimcovington-bankruptcylawyer.com/

because we always go to every Reaffirmation Hearing with our clients.

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