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Yes, You Can Live a Stress-Free Financial Life Again!

I have been a bankruptcy attorney in Eugene, Oregon since 1979. I’ve been helping people just like you deal with their financial problems for many years. If you are looking for information about bankruptcy, please contact me so I can help you, too.

Would bankruptcy be the right choice for me? Can I file Chapter 7 or will I have to file Chapter 13? Will I lose my car or other assets? If I have a home, can I keep it?

What my clients need most is relief from the stress of their financial problems. Stress reduction starts with good advice from an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Sometimes bankruptcy is the only responsible way to handle your debts. My goal is to provide a personal, respectful and helpful service to my clients.

Bankruptcy will stop collections, lawsuits, garnishments and foreclosures. Getting a discharge in bankruptcy will permanently get rid of most debts.

Bankruptcy rules are complicated

My real job is stress reduction

Personal service is key

How bankruptcy works

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